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    Remember that time when the seventh Saw film was supposed to be “The Final Chapter?” Lionsgate was full of shit. They are currently developing an eighth film in the horror franchise called Saw: Legacy. Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting we have the first plot details for the next chapter in the franchise and we also know that Tobin Bell will be returning to the franchise. 

    The point of Saw: Legacy is apparently to breathe new life into the franchise so that they can keep it going and make even more movies. Here’s the story description:

    Saw: Legacy will begin with bodies turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade. Or has an apprentice picked up the mantle of Jigsaw, perhaps even someone inside the investigation?

    They go on to say that neither Costas Mandylor nor Cary Elwes will be returning to the franchise, but that Tobin Bell will be back in “some capacity,” which probably means it’s not going to be a big role. But he’ll be in it nonetheless and that should make hardcore Saw fans happy.

    The cast also includes Mandela Van Peebles, Hannah Anderson, Laura Vandervoort, Brittany Allen, Callum Keith Rennie, Matt Passmore, Hannah Emily Anderson, Josiah Black, Shaquan Lewis, Michael Bolsvert, and James Gomez.

    Saw: Legacy was written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, the duo behind Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD, and Sorority Row. It will be directed by the Spierig Brothers, who previously brought us Undead, Daybreakers, and Predestination.

    I don’t know why they don’t just find a new original horror movie concept to pump money into instead of making a new Saw film because this franchise just feels dead. Only time will tell to see if it bobs at the box office.

    First Plot Details Revealed for SAW: LEGACY, Tobin Bell Set to ReturnFirst Plot Details Revealed for SAW: LEGACY, Tobin Bell Set to Return

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    A couple of weeks ago some artwork surfaced teasing a DC Comics special event crossover series involving the Looney Tunes. Today we have some actual story details about the comics that will be coming out, and they sound pretty damn entertaining. The one that I'm most looking forward to reading involves Elmer Fudd stalking Batman.

    The Looney Tunes characters will cross paths with DC characters that will include Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Lobo, Jonah Hex, and the Legion of Super-Heroes. 

    Below you'll find the cover art and details for each one:

    Written by TOM KING, Art and cover by LEE WEEKS
    After a chance meeting with billionaire Bruce Wayne, multi-millionaire Elmer Fudd’s obsession quickly escalates into stalking Batman through the dark alleys and high-class social settings of Gotham City.
    On sale JUNE 28 • 48 pg
    Written by TONY BEDARD, Art by BARRY KITSON, Cover by JIM LEE
    Not since the twelve labors of Hercules has a Greek warrior faced as great a danger and as destructive a peril as the Tasmanian Devil!
    On sale JUNE 21 • 48 pg
    Written by JIMMY PALMIOTTI, Art and cover by MARK TEXEIRA
    When miner Yosemite Sam strikes it rich, word gets out as everyone comes gunning for his wealth, including the notorious Freleng gang! To protect himself and his new riches, he hires bounty Hunter Jonah Hex­—but the man protecting him may be his worst nightmare!
    On sale JUNE 28 • 48 pg
    Written by BILL MORRISON, Art and cover by KELLEY JONES
    Wile E. Coyote travels to the far reaches of space to hire Lobo to hunt down and kill his greatest nemesis of all time, The Road Runner. When the Coyote and Lobo are after you, the Road Runner realizes if they catch him he’s through.
    On sale JUNE 21 • 48 pg
    Written by STEVE ORLANDO and FRANK BARBERI, Art and cover by AARON LOPRESTI
    Martian Manhunter tries to halt Marvin the Martian’s determination for world domination. J’onn is conflicted with his own Martian identity as he attempts to stop the hapless, determined Marvin from blowing Earth to bits in order to gain a clear view of Venus.
    On sale JUNE 14 • 48 pg
    Written by SAM HUMPHRIES, Art and cover by TOM GRUMMETT and SCOTT HANNA
    The Legion of Super Heroes always thought they had taken their inspiration from the 21st Century’s Superboy. But when they try to bring that hero into their future time, the team discovers to their surprise the caped champion isn’t who—or even what—they expected!
    On sale JUNE 14 • 48 pg

    Via: Comics Alliance

    Fun Details Revealed for DC Comics' Looney Tunes Crossover SeriesFun Details Revealed for DC Comics' Looney Tunes Crossover Series

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    With Logan currently in theaters and the fact that the movie brings X-23 to the screen for the first time, Nerdist's Kyle Hill breaks down the scientific reasons why X-23's claws are deadlier than Wolverine's.

    Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, was created from Wolverine's DNA. She shares every bit of Wolverine’s mutant genetics, which means she has an enhanced healing factor, bone claws likewise covered in indestructible Adamantium, and of course, an attitude problem. One of the biggest differences between the two characters is that X-23 has two claws on her hands and Logan has three. According to science, this one difference makes her more deadly. Hill explains:

    "I’m taking a swipe at the true cutting power of both Wolverine and X-23. I argue that because of how knives, blades, and claws cut and pierce in the first place — applying large forces over very small areas — attacking an enemy with two claws would work out better than attacking with three."

    Check out his full video explanation below. It's pretty fascinating stuff! 

    Scientific Explanation of Why X-23's Claws Are Deadlier Than Wolverine’sScientific Explanation of Why X-23's Claws Are Deadlier Than Wolverine’s

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    Mark Wahlberg is getting into the comic book business, and he wants his upcoming sci-fi comic Alien Bounty Hunter to be the "next big thing." He and producer Stephen Levinson (Boardwalk Empire, Ballers) are hoping that this comic book they've developed with be a big sci-fi film franchise. Thanks to the press release we have some details on the story:

    In ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER, Ben Madsen is tasked with apprehending a wanted fugitive…but quickly learns that his target is not of this world. Madsen must track his mark through an alien enclave populated by the galaxy’s most dangerous aliens—right here on Earth.

    I'll be honest, it doesn't sound like anything we already haven't seen before, but maybe the story will be decent. Wahlberg and Levinson had this to say about it in a joint statement:

    "Some of today’s greatest film franchises originated as comics. We always try to get involved with the story telling process from its inception. With ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER we are creating a new hero’s origin story."

    Starting this whole franchise off in the form of a comic book may come off as a little disingenuous, but it will definitely help in gauging interest to see if there's a real market for it and if it actually has a decent story worth spending millions of dollars on adapting into a film. It's a cheap way to test the waters. As for who is developing the comic, here's some information on the talented team they've brought together:

    On the comic end, award-winning writer Adrian F. Wassel (THE GIFTED from CME) and David M. Booher (POWERLESS from Vault) have penned scripts from a story by Levinson and F.J. DeSanto (FAILSAFE from Vault, CYBORG 009 from Archaia). Nick Robles (MAZE RUNNER and CLOCKWORK ANGELS, both from BOOM!) will provide art, with letters by Deron Bennet (Eisner-nominee for TALES OF SAND, from Archaia).

    The press release goes on to offer the following statement from those people who are involved with bringing this comic to life:

    “I’m thrilled to collaborate with Mark and Lev on this project,” says Vault Publisher Damian Wassel. “With their guidance, the creative team has produced a potential flagship comic for the Vault brand.”

    “We’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves with ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER” says Adrian Wassel, co-writer and Editor-in-Chief, Vault Comics. “I mean, look at the title. All at once, we’ve crafted an homage and a send-up of every adventure flick and action hero we’ve ever loved.”

    “The true heart of ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER – and what’s made it so much fun to write – is that it’s much, much smarter than it lets on” says co-writer David Booher. “Early on we leaned into the theme of ‘Things are never what they seem.’ You’ll see it pop everywhere, from the unexpected depth in Madsen’s character to the even more unexpected alien we’ve created. We want readers to be in constant surprise in the best way possible.”

    Artist Nick Robles adds, “ABH is an artist’s dream job! David and Adrian’s exciting scripts truly draw the reader in. I urge everyone to join us for this adventure.”

    We'll just have to wait and see if it actually goes anywhere beyond the comic. Below you can check out a preview that was released. So far, I can't say that I'm impressed.

    mark-wahlberg-announces-alien-bounty-hunter-comic-book-that-he-wants-to-be-a-sci-fi-film-franchise2 mark-wahlberg-announces-alien-bounty-hunter-comic-book-that-he-wants-to-be-a-sci-fi-film-franchise3 mark-wahlberg-announces-alien-bounty-hunter-comic-book-that-he-wants-to-be-a-sci-fi-film-franchise4 mark-wahlberg-announces-alien-bounty-hunter-comic-book-that-he-wants-to-be-a-sci-fi-film-franchise6 mark-wahlberg-announces-alien-bounty-hunter-comic-book-that-he-wants-to-be-a-sci-fi-film-franchise7

    Mark Wahlberg Announces ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER Comic Book That He Wants to Be a Sci-Fi Film FranchiseMark Wahlberg Announces ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER Comic Book That He Wants to Be a Sci-Fi Film Franchise

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    Hugh Jackman's 17 years of playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise have come to an end with Logan. It's sad to see Jackman hang up his claws but at least he ended his run with the best X-Men movie ever made! Hell, it's easily one of the best comic book movies ever made! 

    As a way to show his gratitude to his fans, Jackman released a video thanking them for  "17 awesome years." It also shows off a montage of Logan fan art to Johnny Cash’s cover of "Hurt." 

    I also included a couple of other fan videos that have surfaced recently that pay tribute to Jackman's Wolverine. The videos are done really well. If you haven't seen Logan yet, get out there and check it out! The film is freakin' amazing! 

    Thank you. HJ

    A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

    Hugh Jackman Thanks His Fans for 17 Awesome Years of Wolverine, Plus 2 Tribute VideosHugh Jackman Thanks His Fans for 17 Awesome Years of Wolverine, Plus 2 Tribute Videos

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    Evangeline Lilly held a spotlight panel at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend and used it to talk up Marvel and drag DC. Bleeding Cool reports that she was asked about her role as Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp in the MCU, and told the familiar story of thinking she would retire from acting until Peter Jackson offered her the role of Tauriel in the Hobbit trilogy. She then revealed that post-Hobbit she was planning to retire again when fate intervened again:

    “Then Edgar Wright called me.”

    He wanted her to join Ant-Man. (This is where I pour one out for the Wright-directed Ant-Man we never got to see.) The only thing was, even though she wanted to work with Wright, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do a superhero movie. She wasn’t at all familiar with Marvel’s films at the time, but the somewhat unconventional casting of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man had her intrigued, so she decided to check out the MCU:

    “How have I missed these guys who are making really cool superheroes who don’t take themselves too seriously.” 

    Then she took her shot: Who would she call an example of the opposite? “DC films.”

    Sick burn, but I mean, it’s not exactly inaccurate. I know that fans (and MCU actors) often feel the need to pick a side between the two comics giants and throw stones at the other side, but there is a place for both styles of movie. And honestly, while I am definitely on the record as preferring Marvel’s approach overall, The Dark Knight is still my favorite superhero movie of all time, and that is definitely a movie that takes itself seriously. I’m not a fan of any of the DCEU movies, but that has more to do with being absolute allergic to Zack Snyder’s entire worldview, and I am seriously hoping that Wonder Woman will be great. 

    So I guess my point is, yes, you can drag DCEU movies pretty easily, but it’s probably better to just hope both comic giants put out great films, because then we all win.

    Evangeline Lilly Drags DC Films at Emerald City Comic ConEvangeline Lilly Drags DC Films at Emerald City Comic Con

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    While Bioware is more than ready to give 10 hours of game time to EA Origin/Access subscribers ahead of the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it will have its limits. Andromeda Producer Francisco Melo revealed as much in a Twitter exchange with a more on GameTyrant


    10 Hour Demo Of MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Will Be Gated10 Hour Demo Of MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Will Be Gated

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    It looks like the success of Deadpool and Logan has lit a fire under Fox's ass. It's kind of funny that Fox dragged their feet on these rated R comic book movies for so long because they didn't think anyone would see them. Well, now they know that's not the case. 

    In a recent interview with /Film, X-Men movie franchise writer and producer Simon Kinberg talked about the next X-Men film that he's in the running to direct. He also discussed the future R-ratings in the franchise. The first thing he talked about was the next X-Men film and he clarified that it will not be called X-Men: Supernova:

    “It’s not called Supernova. One of the things we do when we make these X-Men movies, to be totally candid, is — any of these movies, it’s on Star Wars, too — is you come up with fake names to throw people off the scent and when you’re out making the movie, the signs that show you where the locations are say 'Nova,' or whatever the fake title is, and people figure it out, and I don’t even know why we do it anymore."

    He added that this next X-Men film will be as bold and radical as Deadpool and Logan:

    “But at any rate, it’s not called Supernova. That was the code name for it. There’s yet another code name now. What I can tell you is that we’re in early stages of prep on it, and that it’s something that Hutch [Parker] and I specifically have been talking about, as the producers of it and me as the writer of it, since post-production on Apocalypse, what the story would be and how would do something bold and radical and expand the universe in the same way that Logan feels bold and radical and certainly Deadpool does as well. And that’s where we are with it.”

    He wouldn't confirm or deny of the next film would focus on the Dark Phoenix story arc, which has been previously rumored, but he did say, "I think if we were to make a Dark Phoenix movie in the future, it would be a Dark Phoenix movie about her struggle and really should be the A plot and the primary of the movie." 

    Kinberg also discussed the ratings of the future X-Men films, saying it all depends on the story. If the story requires an R-rating then they will move forward with the development with the R-rating. He said:

    "I think that each movie, we figure out what the story is, then we figure out the requirements of the story, and if the requirements of the story are R-rated, it’s R-rated. We don’t go into movies saying, this one’s gonna be R-rated, this one’s gonna be PG-13, we don’t make those decisions before we make the decisions of story. My instinct is that the Deadpool universe, which is Deadpool 2 and potentially X-Force, they require being R-rated, because that’s just Deadpool’s voice in the comic, and it’s Deadpool’s voice in the movie so far. I think audiences would be disappointed if they got a PG-13 Deadpool movie. So my easy bet would be Deadpool 2 is R-rated and most movies within that sort of shared but separate universe would be likewise.

    That's good to hear because there was a time when Fox was forcing these movies to be PG-13. At least now they are doing what's natural for the character and for the adaptation, and it doesn't seem like the studio is going to fight that anymore. 

    Next X-MEN Film Will Be as Bold and Radical as LOGAN and DEADPOOL, Simon Kinberg Also Talks Future R-RatingsNext X-MEN Film Will Be as Bold and Radical as LOGAN and DEADPOOL, Simon Kinberg Also Talks Future R-Ratings

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    Marvel's Inhumans series is currently shooting in Hawaii, and today we have a bunch of photos from the set and a video for you to check out. They give us our first look at actor Anson Mount in the role of Black Bolt all decked out in black leather, and the coat he's wearing features a lightning bolt-like design on his chest. It's definitely a different character design than the comic version. Then there's a giant blue stand-in for the big 2,000 pound pet dog Lockjaw. The dog will obviously be a CG animated creation. It's gotta fun acting alongside a big blue model of a dog! Check out the photos and video below!

    #inhumans #blackbolt

    A post shared by bryces808 (@bryces808) on

    Last week the full main cast of the series was announced, and it also includes Iwan Rheon (Game of Thronesplaying Maximus the MadSerinda Swan (Smallville) taking on the role of the queen, MedusaKen Leung playing Karnak, Black Bolt’s cousin and closest advisor; Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, Cousin of Black Bolt; Isabelle Cornish as Crystal, Medusa’s sister; Mike Moh as Triton, Black Bolt’s cousin; Sonya Balmores as Auran, Head of the Royal Guards on Attilan; and Ellen Woglom as an Undisclosed Character.

    The series explores the never-before-told epic adventure of the royal family including Black Bolt, the enigmatic, commanding King of the Inhumans, with a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city.

    Feature director Roel Reine (Death Race 2, The Marine 2, The Lost Tribe, The Scorpion King 3) is set to helm the first two episodes of the series, which will be shot in IMAX and premiere in IMAX theaters on Labor Day weekend. The series will then start its eight episode run on ABC on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017. All eight episodes are expected to run on the network over consecutive Tuesdays, which means that the finale will air on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017. 

    INHUMANS Set Photos and Video Show Anson Mount as Black Bolt Along With LockjawINHUMANS Set Photos and Video Show Anson Mount as Black Bolt Along With Lockjaw

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    Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels can no longer say "FuckBoy," in Gears Of War 4. The rap group was added to the game last year in a DLC package that included custom skins and voice packs for the characters that have recently been edited by the more on GameTyrant


    RUN THE JEWELS Can No Longer Say F***boy in GEARS OF WAR 4RUN THE JEWELS Can No Longer Say F***boy in GEARS OF WAR 4

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    If Alien: Covenant is a success and fans love it, you can bet we're going to want more of what Ridley Scott has planned for the franchise. So far I love what I've seen from the upcoming film, but only time will tell if it will really be better than Prometheus

    If Covenant does turn out to be the success that Scott and the studio are hoping for, they are all ready to go with a sequel. During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the filmmaker said that the script for the sequel is ready to go and that they hope to start shooting in 2018.

    “You’ve got to assume to a certain extent success and from that you’d better be ready. You don’t want a two-year gap. So I’ll be ready to go again next year.” 

    There are four more films in the current plan for the franchise, but if the fans what more beyond that, Scott says that he'll keep going with another six. He said:

    “If you really want a franchise, I can keep cranking it for another six. I’m not going to close it down again. No way.”

    I guess that means he'll never ever let Neill Blomkamp make his Alien 5 film with Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn. It seems like he's hellbent on never letting anyone other than him make any more Alien films. For his sake, I hope Covenant actually turns out to be a great movie! 

    The new film follows a crew full of couples on a colony ship that travels to a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. The plan is to form a new human settlement on the planet, but everything goes horribly wrong when they discover the planet is filled with xenomorph killing machines. 

    Alien: Covenant stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, Benjamin Rigby, and James Franco. It's set to be released on May 19.

    Ridley Scott Says He's Ready to Crank Out Another Six ALIEN Films and The Next One Is Already WrittenRidley Scott Says He's Ready to Crank Out Another Six ALIEN Films and The Next One Is Already Written

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    Ice Cube is currently in talks to voice the father of Miles Morales, Davis, in the announced animated Spider-Man film. Slashfilm tells us the actor previously worked with the film's producers, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, so it's fairly likely that the actor is being considered for some role in the film. It's also worth mentioning that Ice Cube was rumored for the role of J. Jonah Jameson in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming to which the actor responded with the following:

    "If I’m not playing Spider-Man, I’m not doing shit… I’m not about to play one of these side-busters."

    Perhaps Ice Cube learned that playing "side-busters" still gets you paid? We'll keep you updated if this rumor ends up an official casting! The animated Spider-Man film has no release date, but recently pulled Alex Hirsch onto the project. 

    Ice Cube Being Considered to Voice Miles Morales' Dad in Animated SPIDER-MAN FilmIce Cube Being Considered to Voice Miles Morales' Dad in Animated SPIDER-MAN Film

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    Todd McFarlane is still talking about that new Spawn movie that he's been working on forever. If it ever gets made, the creator wants Stan Lee to jump in for a cameo appearance. Lee had nothing to do with the creation of Spawn, but he is the king of cameos so why not throw him in just for the hell of it. 

    This weekend, McFarlane took the stage with Lee during a panel at Emerald City Comic-Con and that's where he revealed his vision for Lee's cameo:

    “Stan Lee is in this building, and it’s a rundown building, and you kick open the door, you catch him by surprise, and he’s dressed in a wife-beater shirt. He hasn’t shaved for four days. He’s got a beer in one hand, and he’s got a big stogie in the other hand.”

    He continued:

    “That’s just the set-up. [Lee] always looks nice in his movies — I just want to do that crusty old curmudgeon. Basically, what his wife sees in the morning when he wakes up. The real Stan Lee. I want you to come into that movie and really act. I want you to just be nasty. It’d be awesome.”

    There's no doubt that the fans would love to see that! It would be his darkest cameo yet! All McFarlane needs to do is actually make the movie! Lee said he'd do it under the condition that it was a minor role. He amusingly explains: 

    "I don’t get roles that are too big in the movies, because everybody is afraid I’ll get mistaken for Clark Gable."

    It'd be pretty awesome if this actually happened, but I have no idea if McFarlane will ever get around to really making the movie. It's just one of those things that he loves to talk about. 

    Via: CB

    Todd McFarlane Reveals What Stan Lee's Cameo Would Be in His SPAWN MovieTodd McFarlane Reveals What Stan Lee's Cameo Would Be in His SPAWN Movie

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    A character in Logan is actually a callback to a classic villain in the X-Men franchise! Turns out the mutant Rictor was a callback of sorts, or was at least inspired by the classic X-Men villain Avalanche. While Rictor is a mutant who is already a part of X-Men canon, his origin in the film is that of Avalanche, which Comicbook thinks is a cool way of blending both characters together. 

    This isn't too huge of a deal considering both mutants share similar abilities, however, Rictor is historically a hero in the franchise while Avalanche is a villain. Avalanche did have a stint as an anti-hero in X-Men: Evolution, which spurred a ton of YouTube videos and fan fiction revolving around his relationship with Kitty Pryde. 

    Seriously...there's a shocking number of those. Anyway, cool to see Logan tipping their hat to a classic X-Men character!

    LOGAN Contains Reference to Classic X-MEN VillainLOGAN Contains Reference to Classic X-MEN Villain

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    Last week we learned that Stranger Things star David Harbour is actually in the running to take on the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. He's even already done a screen test with Ryan Reynolds, which means things are pretty serious. There are a lot of people who have been rumored for this role, and it would be cool to see Harbour get the gig. But whoever they end up casting, I trust they will make the right choice.

    One of our readers, who goes by the name of Kentucky Fried Otaku, actually had a hilarious suggestion in the comments of something that could be in the film regarding the casting of Cable. He said:

    "Starting to think that the prologue scene of Deadpool 2 should be a group of actors auditioning for Cable. Even better if they get some of the actors that were actually considered for the role."

    That would be really fun to see! It's one of those ideas you'd hope Reynolds and his team would see and implement, but they probably won't. Anyway, here's a fun piece of fan art by Boss Logic that shows what Harbour could look like as Cable. 


    Fan Art Shows STRANGER THINGS Star David Harbour in the Role of Cable in DEADPOOL 2Fan Art Shows STRANGER THINGS Star David Harbour in the Role of Cable in DEADPOOL 2

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    The new Justice League batmobile looks like the Batman Vs. Superman Batmobile but with a shit-ton more guns on it. Zack Snyder shared a look at the upgraded vehicle, which you can see below (via Coming Soon). That's a lot of guns for someone who has a problem with them. Also, does Batman's killing code cover extraterrestrials? He didn't seem like he had a problem putting down Superman if he had too! What do you think of the upgrades? 

    Zack Snyder Gives Fans a Sneak Peek at the JUSTICE LEAGUE BatmobileZack Snyder Gives Fans a Sneak Peek at the JUSTICE LEAGUE Batmobile

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    Here's a news item getting a lot of attention that, luckily, has not happened to me or anyone I know with a Nintendo Switch. A lot of people have been posting about their various troubles with the Nintendo more on GameTyrant


    Here's a Badass Metal Cover for the Music of SUPER MARIO WORLDHere's a Badass Metal Cover for the Music of SUPER MARIO WORLD

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    That suit Scarlett Johannson is wearing in Ghost In The Shell? Turns out that suit is all silicon and not CGI! That's super impressive considering how much easier it would've been to just throw a mesh suit on and go digital on the effects later. I can't imagine a suit like that breathes too much, and as you'll learn from Adam Savage and the Tested team, it's a bitch to put on! Hopefully, it's all worth it and gives the film that extra authenticity! Hear the details on how it was made and what exactly went into making the suit in the video below. 

    Adam Savage Shows How the Thermoptic Suit Was Made for GHOST IN THE SHELLAdam Savage Shows How the Thermoptic Suit Was Made for GHOST IN THE SHELL

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    If you haven't seen Logan yet, you might not want to read this article because it contains spoilers involving plot details that revolve around Charles Xavier.

    There is a whole backstory that revolves around Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Professor X (Patrick Stewart), and what happened to all of all the mutants. In the Old Man Logan comic, it was Wolverine who was responsible for the deaths of the mutants. In this movie, we learn that Professor X caused the deaths of the mutants.  

    It's revealed that there was a terrible incident in Westchester, New York, which is the home of the X-Mansion and Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants. We learn from the villain Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) that the government classifies Xavier's brain as a weapon of mass destruction. Later on we hear a news broadcast on the radio talking about how the incident at the casino in Oklahoma was similar to one that happened Westchester, which injured 600 people and left several members of the X-Men team and mutant students dead. This was something that Logan was trying to hide from Xavier.

    Early drafts of the script actually featured flashbacks to what happened with Professor X in Westchester. It was ultimately cut and never shot, and screenwriter Michael Green explained why in an interview with THR saying:

    "It actually hits home a lot harder than the versions that really painted out specifically the flashback. Of course there are versions we wrote that were never filmed with the actual flashback of what happened, but I’ve found the experience of watching it is far more poignant to just know that it was something really regrettable and it was bad and most likely, friends were lost. Or maybe it was people we didn't know."

    Director James Mangold added: 

    "I wanted to make a movie less about information and more about character."

    As interesting as it would have been to see these flashbacks, I like that they didn't include them. I like that the audience gets to use their imagination about what happened with that incident. I think it seemed pretty clear that Xavier had a crazy powerful seizure that wiped them all out on accident, but who knows, it could've been something completely different! There could've been more too it than that. Green is actually looking forward to reading all of the fan theories about what happened:

    "Nothing will be better than going online and reading fan theories about what happened at the end because I want to hear that version. I know what I think happened, I even know what did happen, but it doesn’t matter, because what’s canonized here is the emotional effect of things."

    There is a specific event that was all planned out, but it doesn't sound like we'll find out what it was anytime soon. Green says there are no plans to officially reveal the hidden backstory. Hopefully one day someone will reveal what that backstory is, but in the meantime, what do you all think the incident was? 

    Details on a Tragic Professor X Flashback That Was Cut From LOGANDetails on a Tragic Professor X Flashback That Was Cut From LOGAN

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    Did you know that the concept of Wolverine might be stolen from fan art? Yeah, I'm sure Marvel's legal team isn't crazy about CineFix reviving that dirty little secret, but it's a part of the character history nonetheless. Besides the height difference, there were a lot of facts in this video I was not aware of prior to this video. Check it out below! 

    Here Are Some Facts You May Not Know About WolverineHere Are Some Facts You May Not Know About Wolverine

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