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    Earlier this year GK Films announced that they got the movie rights to the classic video game Tomb Raider, and that they would be rebooting it for the big screen. Hugo producer Graham King is currently developing the film with Iron Man screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.

    I wondered how they would reboot this franchise for the big screen. I hoped it would go a little bit darker than the Angelina Jolie films. King recently gave an interview in which he discusses what they have planned,

    Listen, the box office, they weren't disasters but I find it interesting that the story that we're telling is really the story before she became Lara Croft, so it is a character piece. It does have a lot of really great characters, but it's a lot of action and a lot of fun, and for me, it's something very different. I've not really done a movie like that before, but I really gravitated to rebooting this franchise and we're going to give it a shot.

    I've always been a fan of the Tomb raider franchise. I thought the first two films were fun, but I thought they could have been done a lot better. I really hope this reboot ends up giving us a badass gritty Lara Croft story. I would like it to actually feel more like an Indiana Jones style film. What are you hoping to see?

    Source: SHH (

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    Here's a cool series of sci-fi movie poster art created by Dean Walton that I wanted to share with you. Walton has created art for films such as  Avatar, District 9, The Matrix, Total Recall, Alien, Blade Runner, E.T., 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator, and Fifth Element. I hope you like this awesome collection of sci-fi movie art! Tell us what you think about it. 

    Source: Click Here to Purchase Art (

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    "There are 10 million people in the World of Warcraft... because Chuck Norris allows them to live!" Here's an awesome new World of Warcraft video game commercial that stars badass Martial Arts movie legend Chuck Norris!

    Chuck Norris didn't break a sweat filming the newest World of Warcraft television spot. Instead, he made the director cry and then cooled himself with the tears.

    If I'm not mistaken WoW players have had a history of being obsessed with Chuck Norris and those fun Chuck Norris Facts. It's cool to see that Blizzard is tipping their hat to that Chuck Norris tradition with this new ad. Enjoy!

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    Disney is set to re-release their classic film Beauty and the Beast in 3D on January 13th 2012. This is such a great film, and as much as I love it I still don't see the point in paying the high 3D movie theater prices to see it again, especially when most of us already own it on DVD or Blu-ray. I guess if you enjoy the thrill of watching movies in 3D, or are just curious to see what it looks like, then by all means spend your hard earned cash on it. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think. Will you be going to see this movie in 3D? 

    Source: Watch the Trailer in HD at Yahoo! (

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    In honor of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 raking in $139 million on opening weekend, I decided to compile my top ten non-Twilight vampire movies for Let’s face it vampires are a hot commodity, and whether you love or hat Twilight you have to be happy that the franchise has spawned more interest in vampires.

    Here is an excerpt of my top ten non-Twilight vampire movies:

    10. SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE (2000)

    John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, Cary Elwes and Udo Kieer star. The filming of Nosferatu is hampered by the fact that the star is taking his role far more seriously than what seems humanly possible. The movie has drama, horror and comedy rolled into one.

    9. ONCE BITTEN (1985)

    Jim Carrey  stars in one of his early roles in this campy 80′s horror comedy. The story follows a vampire Countess needs to drink the blood of a virgin in order to keep her eternal beauty. It seems that all is hopeless, until she bumps into Mark Kendall (Carrey).

    8. NIGHT WATCH (2004)

    This film is written and directed by Timur Bekmambetov (WANTED). This fantasy-thriller set in present-day Moscow where the respective forces that control daytime and nighttime do battle. Some will argue that this film is not a true vampire movie, but you can not overlook how unique this film is.

    7. FRIGHT NIGHT (1985)

    I am a fan of the 2011 version, but will always have a soft spot for this 80′s classic. The story follows a teenager learns that his next door neighbor is a vampire, no one will believe him. I love how campy this version. If you have not checked out the 2011 remake you will not be let down either.

    6. BLADE (1998)

    Wesley Snipes stars as a half-vampire, half-mortal man who becomes a protector of the mortal race, while slaying evil vampires. Snipes is at his prime in this bad-ass action horror film. Unfortunately, the rest of the franchise takes a nose dive faster than you can say “Always Bet on Black.”

    5. THE LOST BOYS (1987)

    After moving to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is frequented by vampires. This film not only have a nice amount of scares, classic 80′s music and hair, but it also has both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. I think I liked this film a little more because I just moved to a new town the same year this came out and always hoped I would find a coven of vamps that I would have kill.

    Trust me you will want to check out the rest of the list at

    Source: (

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    Syfy has expanded their lineup with a new comedy series. Deadline reports that the network has picked up Ghost Ghirls, a project created by Jeremy Konner, Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci and executive produced by Jack Black. The comedy is directed by Konner, and is reportedly a comedic take on shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer. Lund and Blasucci respectively play “Heidi, who has self-proclaimed psychic abilities, and Angelica, who is a tech wiz. Together they attempt to solve paranormal mysteries each week while trying to prove to themselves and their customers that they are competent ghost hunters.”

    Ghost Ghirls will be exec produced by Electric Dynamite’s Jack Black and Priyanka Mattoo with Ben Cooley, while Konner will serve as producer. This actually sounds like a fun show to me. My wife loves Medium and Ghost Whisperer and I have always found them ridiculously annoying, so a comic twist might be what the concept needs.

    What are your thougths?


    Source: Deadline (

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    Henry Cavill proved to me with his turn as Theseus in Immortals that he has what it takes to be Superman in Man of Steel. This is by far my most anticipated films of 2013. Cavill recently sat down with our friends at HeroComplex to talke about Man of Steel and he revealed some cool stuff, including insight he gained from the Red Son comic.
    Here is an excerpt from the interview, be sure to visit the reference link below to read the whole interview:
    GB: Superman and Clark Kent are two sides of the same coin — is there one of them that you have better or quicker affinity for when you walk on to the set?

    HC: Hmmm. I have to be very careful what I say, only because I’ll get excited and talk about my process and then I might reveal too much stuff. Both are difficult and easy to play in their respective ways. Essentially, yes, one is a disguise but the one that’s not a disguise is so unreal that brings difficulties of its own with it. I mean, once the shroud is cast off, yeah, there’s that — but he can fly. [Laughs] Overall, there’s no one that’s easier or less easy than the other. It is a lot of fun having two characters in one role which are so intertwined with each other. It’s the same person, definitely, but it’s the presentation. And that is fun.

    GB: Superman and Clark Kent are two sides of the same coin — is there one of them that you have better or quicker affinity for when you walk on to the set?

    HC: Hmmm. I have to be very careful what I say, only because I’ll get excited and talk about my process and then I might reveal too much stuff. Both are difficult and easy to play in their respective ways. Essentially, yes, one is a disguise but the one that’s not a disguise is so unreal that brings difficulties of its own with it. I mean, once the shroud is cast off, yeah, there’s that — but he can fly. [Laughs] Overall, there’s no one that’s easier or less easy than the other. It is a lot of fun having two characters in one role which are so intertwined with each other. It’s the same person, definitely, but it’s the presentation. And that is fun.

    GB: In “Immortals,” you play Theseus, the son of a god who is reluctantly pushed to a date with destiny after the violent death of his mortal mother. Is there anything instructive in that as far your approach to Superman and trying to make relatable for a contemporary moviegoing audience? Both are heroic, earnest, honest and, in a way, both feel like characters of another time when you consider the relentlessly ironic age we live in.

    HC: It is quite easy with a mythology-based story, really, because they’re designed to connect with an audience. Everyone is different, they have their different viewpoints on life, and different people will connect with Theseus or they won’t. Hopefully, we’ve given it enough of a general field of personality that almost everyone will have something they connect with in the character. It’s not something I deliberately thought about because that’s not who Theseus is; he doesn’t [care] about what people think. He exists because he exists, he doesn’t bend toward anyone or anything.

    GB: What are some of the key differences you see between Kal-El of Krypton and Theseus of ancient Greece?

    HC: If Theseus had super powers, he would be the Superman who didn’t grow up with the Kents. He would be the Superman who grew up in an unpleasant upbringing. You can imagine how scary and angry Superman would be as a personality if he fell into a broken family where the father cheats or there’s abuse. You can imagine how he would develop as an emotional person. It’d be a bit like the story in “Red Son,” he’s not evil but he’s very different because of environment. The upbringing of Theseus is the polar opposite — the absolute negative of — the upbringing that the Kents gave Superman. The interesting thing is that his upbringing makes Theseus a violent and dangerous force but at his core he is good and he wants to do good but it takes a lot of convincing to get him to a point where he thinks the world is worth it.

    GB: That “Red Son” reference you made — that’s something that will catch the eye of comic book fans when they read it.

    HC: Oh, yes, I’ve done my research. I stocked up on source material and buried my head in it for a while …. I didn’t see a lot of comic books growing up. At boarding school there wasn’t much time for much of anything except education. Up until I was 13 [before I arrived at Stowe School] it wasn’t so bad, but at boarding school you are there and there’s a small village nearby but you are not getting to stop by a shop on the way home to buy a book. I mean, you might get a chance to watch a little TV at some stage of the day but otherwise you’re in class, studying, eating, playing sports or sleeping. I didn’t get a chance to indulge in comics as a kid, which I’m actually quite happy about because as an adult I get to read the best of it. I can pick up a whole series and read them in one go, too, I don’t have to wait a week or a month for the next issue to come out. It’s like watching a box set of a TV show, you can go nonstop. I like sitting there and diving in until I’m brain dead. And I do enjoy them; as an adult I have retained my sense of wonder and love of stories and fantasy world. I really liked “Death of Superman” and “Return of Superman,” those are my favorite ones, and “The New 52” is great stuff and “Earth One,” although I know people think that is a mixed bag. With “Red Son,” I thought it was interesting as a different perspective. It was out there and I like that. It was essential to my character research, too. When you’ve got two polar opposite viewpoints of the same character, you will see what the authors consider the important baseline trend. I got to see that and see the different ways he would have developed and that was very useful to me. And because we are retelling the story and we are doing our own reinvention and a modernization for the screen, I get the opportunity to add my own interpretation of how he developed. So that was cool to look at “Red Son” and see what changed, what didn’t change and what that reveals about the baseline of Superman. You can find what is essential to Superman and what is nature vs. nurture by locating that baseline.

    GB: I always smile a bit when fans lash out and say some new interpretation of Superman is inaccurate because usually at the center of that criticism there’s an unrecognized assumption that the “real” Superman was whatever version they read or watched when they were at a formative age. The character changes constantly according to the year and the medium. Even the most fixed parts of his mythology and visage have a wobble and blur if you step back and really look at it clinically.

    HC: Absolutely, and everyone will take what they want and everyone will have their favorites. And I think it’s great that it does change. It should change and should evolve. I think “The New 52″ stuff is fantastic because it is an evolution of the character. Initially, people will just rail against it and others will love it and they debate it. They care, which is great, but all of it is part of this evolution and in 30 years they will forget. In three decades when someone dares to put a pair of red underpants on the outside [of Superman's costume] again,  someone will go crazy and say, ‘What are you doing?! This isn’t Superman anymore!’ It’s all mythology and people take what they want from it …. Superman is a bit more clear-cut than Theseus but people can still look into the character of Superman and have polar opposite opinions about what he is and who he is. That’s the wonder of mythology. We make the interpretations and hear the messages we want to hear.


    Source: Hero Complex (

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    The image above was created by Otis Frampton and it features superheroes from the DC comics universe on the cover of a on a December 7th 1941 LiFE Magazine with a WWII soldier. Here's a not from the artist...

    This is a digital commission featuring a magazine that came out a few months before Pearl Harbor was attacked on Earth 1. Or is it Earth 2. Ack, an existential crisis!

    I love the retro look and feel of this image. I do have to say though that none of these heroes look like they belong in that era. They look out of place, but I still like the idea behind it.

    Source: Otis Frampton (

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    I have heard of laws against kissing in public, dancing in public and other strange laws, but this has to be the oddest law of them all. A Ukrainian law allowed Darth Vader to claim free land by the Black Sea in the city of Odessa. I wonder if he is rebuilding the Death Star there? 
    Check out the video:

    Here is part of the story from Reuters:

    An Odessite dressed as the Star Wars villain visited the mayor's office [last] week to claim a free land plot citing Ukrainian legislation which grants every citizen the right to own 1,000 square meters of land [...] "I am Darth Vader, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine," the man introduced himself to amused policemen [...] "...Knowing that many (local legislature) deputies and the mayor have switched to the dark side... I have come for a land plot... for my space cruiser."
    Vader’s application for the land is currently being reviewed. I am surprised he did not use his his Dark Side mind powers to get the land. What are your thoughts on this?

    Source: io9 (

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    "Maybe because he's a badass and it's broad daylight a** hole."

    Was Christopher Nolan drawing from Silver Age Batman comics when he designed the batmobile for Batman Begins? That's at least what author Michael Uslan thinks in his book The Boy Who Loved Batman, a memoir of his growing up with comics. Here's an excerpt discussing the picture below....

    Detective comics #236, which featured not the Batmobile everyone knew and loved, but a starkly different version of it in the form of an armored urban Bat-Tank. It was an image I would never forget. (Amazingly, this obscure vehicle, used just once in the history of Batman comics, reappeared in the movie Batman Begins. What a coincidence!

    If it is true that Nolan drew inspiration from the comic, is it fair to assume we are going to see some stuff pulled from Knightfall in Dark Knight Rises? If so what would you like to see?


    Email Me: Twitter: @MickJoest

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    Joel Edgerton has had bad luck at the box office with The Thing, and yet has continues to turn down roles. He recently dropped out of a possibly supporting role in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and has now dropped out another big-budget film. The Playlist (via Variety) reports that Edgerton has opted out of the role of Themosticles in 300: Battle Of Artemisium.

    Things are not looking too good as of now for the Noam Murro-directed action sequel. Without Edgerton, they have no leading man. There has been talk of Edgerton being in consideration for Kathryn Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden, which has a 2012 release date. He was absent from the recent casting lists, but that does not mean he will not star. I have a feeling that the 300-sequel will not make it’s 2013 release.

    Even though I loved the first film, I am not too excited about a sequel. What are your thoughts on this news?


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    Mission: Impossible has been a fun movie franchise to watch over the years and next month Paramount Pictures will be releasing it's fourth film in the franchise called Ghost Protcol, which was directed by animation director Brad Bird. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Bird has created for us with this movie, I love what I've seen so far. I just thought I would go through the three Mission: Impossible films that have been made and pick out 5 of my favorite scenes from them.

    In my opinion the first Sydney Pollack directed Mission: Impossible film was the best, that movie still impresses me when I watch it. My second favorite movie was J.J. Abrams' Mission: Impossible III, he brought something fresh and new to the characters, something we hadn't seen before with who these characters are. I really liked the story as well. My least favorite of the three was John Woo's Mission: Impossible II, even though it's not my favorite of the three, it did have some ridiculously entertaining moments. 

    Here are five of my favorite moments from all three movies. After you're done going through them, please let me know what some of your favorite Mission: Impossible movie scenes are!

    Mission: Impossible 3 - Bridge Scene Battle - When it comes to a break out scene, I had never really seen anything like this. It was done so well to.

    Mission: Impossible 2 - End Fight Scene - This was just so ridiculous on so many levels.

    Mission: Impossible - Train Scene - This scene was so freakin' cool, especially for the time when this movie was made. It was just an epically action packed scene. I have yet to see another movie train scene do better.

    Mission: Impossible - Vault Scene - What list would be complete without this classic vault scene. I think this could be one of the most awesomely intense scenes in a film... ever!

    Mission: Impossible 2 - Surprisingly here's another scene from part 2 that I added to my list. This had such a great twist that I don't think a lot of people were expecting. I know when I saw the movie it shocked the hell out of me.

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    "Whatchu know about fan-made films?"

    This one's an oldie but a goldie...if people say that. The year was 2001, which is part of the reason this film went largely unnoticed in America (seeing as we were preoccupied with other things). No it isn't an awesome mixture of Batman and Star Wars (you can uncross your fingers), but it is a story line spanning the weeks leading up to A New Hope.

    Having won a few awards from Australian film festivals for best actress and special effects it's worth a couple minutes, if not all of your time. You can find the entire movie below! Enjoy and share your thoughts.

    Email Me: Twitter: @MickJoest

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    Earlier this month LucasFilm registered a few domain names for something called Star Wars: Identities. At the time we had no idea what it could be, all we could do was speculate. Today LucasFilm has revealed to us what Star Wars: Identities actually is! 

    Identities is a new interactive museum exhibit that is scheduled to debut at the Montreal Science Centre on April 19th. It will focus on the pivotal developments of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. It will combine material from the Lucasfilm archives with a scientific approach to the concept of identity to present an interactive experience for fans giving them an experience that will allow them to "rediscover the unforgettable characters of Star Wars in a whole new way."

    This sounds like it will be a great experience for any hardcore Star Wars fans. I would definitely love to check it out if I could! Check out a trailer for the Star Wars: Identities below...

    Here's the full press release with all of the details:

    For thirty-five years, audiences around the world have followed the adventures of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi heroes of a galaxy far, far away. And now, a new exciting exhibition comes to our own galaxy with Star Wars Identities, a redefined modern exhibition experience in which we will rediscover the unforgettable characters of Star Wars in a whole new way. From the team that brought you Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, this new innovative exhibition, made possible by Lucasfilm Ltd. and produced by Montreal's X3 Productions, will make use of an extensive collection from the Lucasfilm Archives to explore the sciences of identity through the characters of Star Wars. The world premiere of this exhibition will be held at the Montreal Science Centre, starting on April 19, 2012.

    A stunning collection from the Lucasfilm Archives, a customized, interactive identity quest, and insightful scientific content will all work together in Star Wars Identities to follow the dramatic journeys of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, cinema's most famous father and son duo. Visitors will develop a better understanding of what makes the characters of Star Wars who they are, and at the same time explore their own identity with one question, at once simple and profound: What forces shape you?

    The Components of Identity:

    Working with the Montreal Science Centre exhibition developers and a committee of scientific advisers, Star Wars Identities has divided its study of identity into three major themes: the origins of the characters, the influences that shape them, and the choices they make during their life. Within these three themes, ten components of human identity are explored: species, genes, parents, and culture in Origins; mentors, friends, and marking events in Influences; and occupation, personality, and values in the final zone, Choices.

    These components form the backbone of the exhibition, exploring the complex notion of identity both in the real world and in creative fiction. Original content throughout the exhibition will shed light on each of the components of identity; simultaneously, "making-of" featurettes explore the stories behind the development of many iconic Star Wars characters, explaining how they became who they are, and showing how different creative choices might have made them different characters altogether.

    Kyra Bowling, Exhibits Manager at Lucasfilm Ltd., says "the Star Wars saga continues to captivate audiences who find connection to its richly diverse cast of wonderful characters. Star Wars provides a natural lens through which to explore the themes of personal identity and character. This innovative exhibition lets visitors of all ages investigate, in a fun and educational way, the factors and forces that help shape who we are as individuals."

    A vast and exclusive collection of some 200 objects from the Lucasfilm Archives features props, models, costumes, and artwork from the Star Wars films. This rich collection spans the entire Star Wars canon, drawing from the classic (1977-83) and prequel (1999-2005) trilogies, as well as the animated feature The Clone Wars (2008) and the ongoing television series of the same name. Fan favourites like Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Yoda, the Millennium Falcon and Anakin Skywalker's full-sized Podracer -- among others -- are sure to delight visitors of all generations.

    An Interactive Quest:

    Star Wars Identities will place the visitor at the centre of the exhibition experience with an interactive identity quest that spans the duration of the visit. Closely interwoven with the collection and the educational content, this unique interactive experience will use technology to help visitors of all ages create their own personal and original Star Wars identity by incorporating elements of their own identity with fictional elements. Visitors will then leave with their own unique character inspired by the Star Wars universe and with a deeper understanding of the exhibition's central theme.

    A Team of Experts:

    In order to develop the exhibition's scientific content, X3 Productions has collaborated with the Montreal Science Centre content experts to gather a team of specialists from a variety of scientific fields, including genetics, neuropsychology, health sciences, and psychology. Their knowledge and expertise have shaped the exhibition's structure, and their input has been essential in developing its scientific content and in ensuring that its investigation into identity is up to date and firmly rooted in the sciences.

    A Cultural Touchstone:

    The Star Wars movies have broken box office records and won countless awards over the decades, but it is in the public's imagination that the franchise has truly made its mark, enchanting audiences of all ages and establishing itself as a cultural touchstone all across the world. The stories continue to resonate today because of their universality: we identify with the characters of Star Wars, and we recognize ourselves in their journeys.

    "This exhibition offers a fresh perspective on the beloved characters of Star Wars," says Jacques-Andre Dupont, Executive Producer of X3 Productions. "We get a deeper understanding of their identities, and, at the same time, we get a deeper understanding of our own. The collection, the interactive components, and the scientific content work hand in hand here to create a seamless and exciting experience for our visitors. It's a character-driven adventure into identity."

    Information and Ticket Sales:

    Star Wars Identities will premiere at the Montreal Science Centre from April 19 through September 16, 2012. Tickets are on sale now! For complete schedule and ticket information, visit their website at or contact them at (514) 496-4724 or (877) 496-4724. Visitors can begin their adventure into identity today by visiting

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    Captain America star Chris Evans has replace James Franco in the Ariel Vromen directed thriller The Iceman. The movie is based on the Anthony Bruno book. The film tells the true story of notorious contract killer and charming family man Richard Kuklinski. Evans will join Michael Shannon and Benicio Del Toro. Shannon is playing Kuklinski, and Evans will play his mentor, Robert Pronge. 

    There's no information on why Franco will no longer be in the film. Evan's is a solid actor and it will be cool to see him work alongside Shannon. 

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    It looks like fans will get their first look at both The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit sequel prior to their screening of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. It was earlier announced that select IMAX screenings of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol would show an extended prologue to The Dark Knight Rises on December 16th. Collider (via Variety) reports that a teaser trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey before Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which also opens on December 16th.
    I am planning on seeing these films, but this news give me something else to look forward to. What are your thoughts?


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    Comic legend Stan Lee has released a video officially announcing a new website that he's launching called It sounds like the site is going to be packed full of great useless information and goodies! According to Lee,

    It'll be a wild and wooly community website for your beloved Generalissimo to meet and spend time with all my Brigadiers who wanna join me in yakkin' about the wondrous world of comics!

    I know that each and every one of you can't wait to learn more about my new upcoming YouTube channel, discuss (and even contribute) artwork, news and everything that has to do with entertainment on a daily basis, including my own newest and nuttiest projects! When you sign up below, you'll be among the first to know when TheRealStanLee.Com goes live! Till then, troops---- Excelsior!

    Enjoy Lee's enthusiastic video announcement below!

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    The Rum Diary’s Amber Heard has found her next leading role. Deadline reports that Heard will star opposite Dominic Cooper in Motor City, The revenge story was scripted by Chad St. John and has Albert Hughes set to direct for Joel Silver’s Dark Castle. Cooper (The Devil’s Double) stars as “a man released from prison who goes on a revenge mission, hunting down the people who framed him.”

    This sounds like a great role for Heard, who has yet to have a film of great substance. What are your thoughts on this news?


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    A new supernatural thriller is headed to the big screen from New Regency. Deadline reports that they picked up a thriller titled Hellbent, to be penned by Aron Eli Coleite. Erwin Stoff and Michael Green are producing the film that is described as “a prison escape movie with supernatural elements.”

    Not much is known about Hellbent at this time. This sale marks the second project from Coleite. Warner Bros.recently purchased the sci-fi/drama script The End. That film sounds really cool to me. The story “focuses on three completely different storylines that are interconnected by the fact that the players in each one are trying to reconcile the fact that the world is going to end. There is a veteran broadcaster in London, a 16-year old girl and her boyfriend in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a devoted family man in Shanghai. They each try to make peace with their lives before an interstellar event ends the world in just six hours.”

    What are your thoughts on this news?

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    Sylvester Stallone is set to produce Rocky: The Muiscal, and he's teaming up with world champion boxing brothers Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko to do it. A Rocky musical just seems strange to me, and as much as I love Rocky, this is something I don't think I will ever see. Stallone points out in a statement that the heart of the play is the fact that it's a love story. 

    At the end of the day, Rocky is a love story and he could never have reached the final bell without Adrian. To see this story coming to life on a musical stage makes me proud. And it would make Rocky proud.

    The script for the musical will be written by Broadway veteran Thomas Meehan (The Producers). The music for the film will come from Ragtime’s Tony-award winning lyricist Lynn Ahrens and composer Stephen Flaherty, and it "will include songs from the Rocky films, among them Eye of the Tiger, Gonna Fly Now and Take You Back." Tony Award nominee Alex Timbers is set to direct it direct.

    The play will premiere in November 2012 in Hamburg, Germany in January. What do you all think about a Rocky being adapted into a stage musical? 

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