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    If you read our article earlier on how a Target blunder accidentally revealed a sequel to Shadow Of Mordor, you're already caught up! If not, check out our story on that, and then look at the first trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow Of more on GameTyrant


    Watch The Official Announcement Trailer For MIDDLE EARTH: SHADOW OF WARWatch The Official Announcement Trailer For MIDDLE EARTH: SHADOW OF WAR

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    This Tuesday Marvel is set to release the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 during Jimmy Kimmel Live. I believe we'll get our first footage of Kurt Russell's Ego the Living Planet in action in that trailer, but before we do, we have a leaked promotional image that has hit the internet, giving us our first real look at Russell in the role. I included the photo in a tweet I came across, which you can check out below. I'm surprised that Marvel was able to keep Russell's look in the film a secret for as long as they did. 

    I don't know about you, but Ego looks like the ultimate space cowboy in his human form. He looks like the Wyatt Earp of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! There's no doubt that Russell is going to steal every scene that he's a part of in this movie. Check out his look below and let us know what you think of it!

    Set to the backdrop of ‘Awesome Mixtape #2,’ Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team’s adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill’s true parentage. Old foes become new allies and fan-favorite characters from the classic comics will come to our heroes’ aid as the Marvel cinematic universe continues to expand.

    The James Gunn-directed film stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Glenn Close, Pom Klementieff, and Elizabeth Debicki.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released in theaters on May 5, 2017.

    First Image of Kurt Russell as Ego the Living Planet in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2First Image of Kurt Russell as Ego the Living Planet in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2

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    X-23 showed her foot claws in an over the weekend promo for Logan! In the comics, those feet claws have come in handy more than a couple times for the mutant, so I'm sure we'll see her put them to good use here as well. 

    So, I know this is a movie and all that, but how is Logan going to explain how an adamantium infused mutant is able to continue to develop and grow into an adult when her bones are stunted inside the metal? Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but now that I've thought about it it's going to bug me if X-23 turns into an adult mutant down the road. Logan opens this Friday!

    X-23's Foot Claws Shown in Recent Promo for LOGANX-23's Foot Claws Shown in Recent Promo for LOGAN

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    Yesterday we were met with the devastating news that actor Bill Paxton passed away due to heart surgery complications. This was a huge blow to a lot of people. He's been one of my favorite actors ever since I first saw him in Aliens. I'm sure many people are feeling the sting of his passing, and it's hard to think that we'll never see him take any new movie roles. 

    Directors James Cameron and Ron Howard both released moving tributes to the actor. As you know, they both had the privilege of working with him over the course of his career. This is the statement that Cameron made to Vanity Fair:

    "I've been reeling from this for the past half hour, trying to wrap my mind and heart around it. Bill leaves such a void. He and I were close friends for 36 years, since we met on the set of a Roger Corman ultra-low budget movie. He came in to work on set, and I slapped a paint brush in his hand and pointed to a wall, saying "Paint that!" We quickly recognized the creative spark in each other and became fast friends. What followed was 36 years of making films together, helping develop each others projects, going on scuba diving trips together, watching each others kids growing up, even diving the Titanic wreck together in Russian subs. It was a friendship of laughter, adventure, love of cinema, and mutual respect. Bill wrote beautiful heartfelt and thoughtful letters, an anachronism in this age of digital shorthand. He took good care of his relationships with people, always caring and present for others. He was a good man, a great actor, and a creative dynamo. I hope that amid the gaudy din of Oscar night, people will take a moment to remember this wonderful man, not just for all the hours of joy he brought to us with his vivid screen presence, but for the great human that he was. The world is a lesser place for his passing, and I will profoundly miss him."

    Ron Howard released his statement to THR:

    "Unlike the Twisters he famously chased in the movies, Bill Paxton was the kind of force of nature you ran toward and never away from. He energized every situation with his humor, his intelligence and his appreciation of the moment he was inhabiting and the people he was inhabiting it with.
    "He had charm and an admirable joie de vivre — Texas-style. He was both down-home and a serious fine-art enthusiast and collector. Bill was playful — yet dutiful — in his work as an actor, and likewise capable of being a strong and serious leader when directing a challenging scene on a movie set. 
    "He loved adventure, and no one was happier than Bill when we were filming our zero-G scenes for Apollo 13 out over the Gulf of Mexico in NASA's KC-135, nicknamed The Vomit Comet. For the record, Bill never lost his lunch through all those weightless scenes. But when a floating camera operator shooting a close up of Bill got sick and projectiled, Bill floated over to me at my director's monitor wearing an unimaginably huge grin and said, "You gotta see this, Ron. I got puke in my hair, man! Cool!"
    "He knew production time on the plane was precious, so within seconds he had toweled off his head and was 100 percent focused on the next take and his job playing an astronaut who was giving his all to help his compatriots survive and get home. 
    "Bill will be agonizingly missed by friends and fans alike."

    These two gentleman obviously had a great love for the actor and knew him in a way that none of us ever did. It's nice to learn that Paxton was such a great guy from the people that knew him best. 

    Paxton left behind a legacy of awesome film and TV projects that we can always revisit.  He also completed his work on the upcoming TV series Training Day, so we'll also get to see him in that, which I'm looking forward to. 

    James Cameron and Ron Howard Pay Moving Tribute to Bill PaxtonJames Cameron and Ron Howard Pay Moving Tribute to Bill Paxton

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    If you were too enamored by the Oscars to pay attention to the commercials, here's another chance to check out what you missed! Some new footage for Disney's live action Beauty And The Beast was revealed in a television spot during the ceremony, and you can check it out below. I'm really looking for this movie to be great, although everything I've seen so far seems to indicate it'll be a shot for shot remake of the animated original. Will that be enough to sell people on the film? I guess we will see when the film is released on March 17th. 

    Here's the Oscars Promo for BEAUTY AND THE BEASTHere's the Oscars Promo for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

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    With Nier: Automata arriving in a couple weeks, cosplayers are really pumping out the cosplay of leading character 2b! I can only imagine how much more we will more on GameTyrant


    Here's More Incredible NIER: AUTOMATA Cosplay!Here's More Incredible NIER: AUTOMATA Cosplay!

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    While Hugh Jackman was wrestling with the decision of whether to continue playing Wolverine for awhile, he says it was comedian Jerry Seinfeld who convinced him to hang it up after Logan! The actor recalls talking to Seinfeld two years ago about why he decided to end Seinfeld after so many seasons on top, and said Seinfeld responded with the following:

    "Look, when you're creating something it's very important not to run yourself dry. It's not about finishing on top necessarily, but making sure you creatively got something left, which propels you into whatever is next. "

    Weirdly enough, we covered this story two years ago when he told that same story on Michael and Kelly, and the story has changed in the two years he's been telling it! For example, Jackman says in the first interview that finishing on top is important, but then says it's not important in his telling to Fallon. Hugh also tells Michael and Kelly that he decided right in front of Seinfeld that he was quitting the role but then tells Fallon it was later at home with his wife. I'm not calling Jackman a liar or anything, but it's interesting to watch him tell the story two different ways and having two very different impacts based on how they're told. Obviously, the one from a couple years back was closer to the event, but it feels as though Seinfeld's mantra has resonated with Jackman enough that his new telling is blended with some of his own feelings as well. It would appear that Jackman is very excited about taking that "next creative step." 

    For Jerry Seinfeld, that next creative step was The Bee Movie, so maybe Hugh can shoot a bit higher than that! I'm sure we're all waiting to see what the actor's next move will be after this, as we rarely see what an actor does after nearly two decades of dedication to a character! Side note, Jimmy Fallon does an awesome Jerry Seinfeld impresssion that I did not at all see coming! See all of that in the clip (via Comicbook) from the interview below. 

    Hugh Jackman Says Jerry Seinfeld Convinced Him to Stop Playing WolverineHugh Jackman Says Jerry Seinfeld Convinced Him to Stop Playing Wolverine

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    I'm sure by now you've all heard about the crazy ending to the Oscars last night. La La Land was announced as the winner of the Best Picture award but in a surprising twist, the real winner ended up being Moonlight. Personally, I think Hacksaw Ridge should've won.

    Anyway, M. Night Shyamalan posted an awesome comment on twitter last night hilariously taking credit for the surprise Oscar twist that no one saw coming.

    As you all know, Shyamalan's signature storytelling element is the big twist at the end of all of his movies. It's completely appropriate for the filmmaker to take credit for what happened last night.

    If you want to watch one of the biggest Oscar blunders of all time, you can check it out in the video below. 

    Director M. Night Shyamalan Hilariously Takes Credit for the Oscars's Twist EndingDirector M. Night Shyamalan Hilariously Takes Credit for the Oscars's Twist Ending

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    By now, we're all aware that the Oscars really botched the announcement of Best Picture, accidentally awarding La La Land the Oscar when Moonlight won. Of course, Emma Stone then has to trot out and give an interview shortly after while reporters then ask her how that moment felt. I'm sure without asking many of us can assume "pretty shitty," would be understandable, but Stone took the loss with grace. 

    Emma got an Oscar anyway for Best Actress so she was probably less hurt than others at the mistake. I don't think anyone took the controversy as well as Ryan Gosling, however, who made the following face when the mistake was announced. 

    Good on the La La Land team for making the best out of a terrible situation. Hopefully everyone disappointed on stage gets an Oscar somewhere down the line. 

    Watch: Emma Stone's Post Oscar Reaction to Best Picture ControversyWatch: Emma Stone's Post Oscar Reaction to Best Picture Controversy

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    It seems like there's a new Marvel superhero that will be introduced to the MCU in James Gunn's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We've already got a few new characters being thrown into the mix such as Ego the Living Planet, Mantis, and Ayesha, but it looks like Gunn may have added another character to the story.

    The reveal originated from Amazon’s new storefront for the film's merchandise, which is broken down by each of the main heroes in the movie. It's there that a surprising name is revealed that we didn't previously know was involved with the movie. If you don't want to know who that character is, don't read ahead:


    The name that appears on the list of characters is Darkhawk, who is an obscure Marvel hero that I could see a person like Gunn picking out of all the characters to use in the film. If you're not familiar with Darkhawk, here's a brief description:

    As a teenager, Chris Powell discovered an amulet allowing him to don the alien armor of Darkhawk. Belonging to an ancient sect of Shi'ar assassins known as the Fraternity of Raptors, it provides immense protective and fighting power to its wearer along with access to its Datasong which grants the ability to access memories and possible future outcomes of events.

    Those are the kinds of powers could definitely come in handy and it's not hard to imagine them playing a role in the story. If he is in the film, it will be interesting to see how Gunn fits him into the story and adapts the character to fit into the MCU.

    There's no confirmation from Marvel regarding this character's involvement with the movie, but as io9 points out, he does get a prominent place in Amazon's banner. Hell, we know that Nebula is a main character in the film that she'll be fighting alongside the Guardians in the story at some point, but her name's not even mentioned. Why would they put Darkhawk's name instead of Nebula's if he didn't play some kind of substantial role in the film?

    Who knows, maybe he'll make his big appearance in the new trailer tomorrow! 

    Looks Like a New Marvel Superhero Will Be Introduced in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2Looks Like a New Marvel Superhero Will Be Introduced in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2

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    A new promo teaser has been released for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 giving us a fun little scene featuring completely new footage of the Guardians team camping out in the woods. It's got some hilarious footage that focuses on the team becomingly increasingly annoyed by Drax's extremely loud eating.

    This clip made me laugh so hard because I know people who eat this loud, and I can totally relate to Star-Lord, Nebula, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket! I've had their exact same reactions! This is such a great scene and I can't wait to see what the new trailer has to offer tomorrow! 

    Drax is an Annoyingly Loud Eater in New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 TeaserDrax is an Annoyingly Loud Eater in New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Teaser

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    Super fans of Spider-Man and creepy fans of Tom Holland, do I have a surprise for you. NECA just unveiled a life-size foam figure that you can buy to get ready for Spider-Man: Homecoming! Take a look via Comicbook

    That bad boy currently being showcased at the New York Toy Fair is 5'8 and ready to sit and stare at you in the corner of a room. The piece will ship in two separate parts and is easy to assemble. I can't imagine seeing this anywhere outside of a comic book shop, but would you put this in your house? 

    NECA Announces Life-Size Spider-Man Figure for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMINGNECA Announces Life-Size Spider-Man Figure for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

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    I’m not a big fan of the two Hitman films that currently exist. Those films could’ve and should’ve been so much better. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn recently revealed on Twitter that he tried to make a Hitman movie but the studio passed on his vision of the franchise because of the rating. Gunn explained:

    “I tried to make a Hitman movie a few years ago. But the producers at the time didn’t want to make it R rated, so they passed.”

    They passed because it was going to be a rated R movie? That’s interesting because both films are rated R! Hollywood is a bizarre place with studio executives and producers who don’t know what in the hell they’re doing. 

    On top of all that, there’s no way anyone could make a proper Hitman movie and have it not be rated R. The whole freakin’ franchise is based around a contract killer! Then, of course, there are the fans who don’t want to see a watered down version of the ultra-violent game. 

    Classic Hollywood nonsense. Could you imagine the incredibly awesome film they could’ve had if they did hire Gunn to direct it! I bet those producers are kicking themselves in the ass, especially now that Gunn is a popular director behind one of the best franchises at Marvel Studios. 

    James Gunn Tried Making a HITMAN Movie, but the Studio Passed Due to the RatingJames Gunn Tried Making a HITMAN Movie, but the Studio Passed Due to the Rating

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    March has a handful of titles you should definitely be excited about. With the launch of the Nintendo Switch happening the first week and a couple other high profile games coming up, here's what we're most excited more on GameTyrant


    Editorial: Top 5 Games We're Most Excited for in MarchEditorial: Top 5 Games We're Most Excited for in March

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    The final trailer for Kong: Skull Island is the best one yet! The trailer is packed with lots of extremely cool new footage and I absolutely love how it was all cut together. It looks like director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has done an incredible job with this movie, and I'm impressed by what I've seen in the trailers that have been released. There are some really fun shots, and I'm totally digging the tone and vibe of the movie. 

    When a scientific expedition to an uncharted island awakens titanic forces of nature, a mission of discovery becomes an explosive war between monster and man.

    Kong: Skull Island stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly and is set to be released on March 10th. I also include a VR experience trailer in case you happen to have a VR headset.

    Epic Final Trailer and VR Experience for KONG: SKULL ISLAND - Epic Final Trailer and VR Experience for KONG: SKULL ISLAND - "Rise of the King"

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    Robert Zemeckis' 1988 live-action/animation hybrid Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is one of the greatest achievements in visual effects in the history of movies, seamlessly blending the two storytelling methods together in an unprecedented way. Like many of you, I've seen the movie a bunch of times and have loved it for years, but my appreciation for it just went through the roof after seeing this video essay by YouTuber kaptainkristian, which includes a ton of jaw-dropping behind-the-scenes footage I'd never seen before.

    The whole essay is dedicated to praising the film's technical achievements, and if you have any interest in the production side of filmmaking or want to obtain a newfound love for this classic movie, this video is a must-watch.

    Via: Sploid

    WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? Video Essay Features Amazing Behind the Scenes FootageWHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? Video Essay Features Amazing Behind the Scenes Footage

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    With The LEGO Batman Movie currently in theaters and a LEGO Ninjago film on the way, the novelty that began with 2014's The LEGO Movie seems likely to slowly erode as more and more LEGO-related properties continue to fill the marketplace. But that movie will always be amazing to me for the way it smartly commented on the nature of creativity and storytelling while also being a fun, rip-roaring adventure through all sorts of fun LEGO environments. I've been wondering if the direct sequel would be able to live up to the high standard of the first movie, and while the jury's still out in that regard, we now know more about what to expect from The LEGO Movie 2 than we did before.

    On the Shanlian on Batman podcast (via Heroic Hollywood), The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay discussed how The LEGO Movie 2 was delayed in order for his film to come out first, and he dropped some knowledge about what kind of movie that sequel will be:

    “LEGO 2 is going to be this big musical and space action movie. They need a lot of the writing, a lot of development with — not only with script development, but development with songwriters. So it was very ambitious to get that movie out.”

    Mike Mitchell (Trolls) has taken over The LEGO Movie 2 director's chair from Rob Schrab, who recently bowed out after taking a crack at the movie. The script was originally written by The LEGO Movie co-writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, although recent reports indicate it's since been rewritten a handful of times, so it'll be interesting to see how much of their irreverent spirit remains in the final product when we eventually see it in 2019. Either way, though, the idea of a big LEGO musical with space action sounds pretty damn appealing to me.

    The whole podcast episode is worth a listen, so if you have thirty free minutes in your day, I'd recommend checking it out.

    THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Will Be a THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Will Be a "Big Musical" with "Space Action," Says Chris McKay

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    In 1996, the disaster film Twister was a mega-hit. It ended up being the second-highest grossing film of the year (behind only Independence Day), and it introduced an entire generation to the dangerous profession of storm chasers. Bill Paxton starred in the movie, and in honor of his tragic death this past weekend, storm chasers in Kansas and Oklahoma (aka "Tornado Alley") gave the actor a touching and creative tribute: using Spotter Network markers, they jointly plotted GPS coordinates to spell out Paxton's initials across three states.

    I'm still reeling from Paxton's death. He was one of those guys who consistently elevated every single movie he was a part of. Just take a look at some of his credits: The Terminator. Weird Science. Aliens. Near Dark. Tombstone. True Lies. Apollo 13. Titanic. A Simple Plan. Frailty. Edge of Tomorrow. Nightcrawler. That's a legendary body of work, and it barely even scratches the surface. 

    I quote Paxton in Twister all the time, because I love the specific way he says "son of a bitch."

    It was just pure Paxton. Rest in peace, sir. You will be missed.

    Storm Chasers Honor TWISTER Star Bill Paxton With a Creative and Touching TributeStorm Chasers Honor TWISTER Star Bill Paxton With a Creative and Touching Tribute

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    Looks like Iron Fist (aka Danny Rand, aka actor Finn Jones) has been watching The Karate Kid and practicing his "wax on, wax off" moves. A new image of the martial arts badass and newest member of The Defenders blocking a knife attack from a mystery assailant has just surfaced over at Empire, along with a few choice quotes from the actor about bringing the show to life:

    “Danny has to deal with society’s reaction. He comes back and says: ‘Hey, guess what? I’ve been in this place called K’un Lun for years, I’ve got this thing called the Iron Fist and I met a dragon!’ And everybody’s like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? You’re insane.’”

    A dragon, eh? That should be interesting, especially on a TV budget.

    Meanwhile, Empire says Jones pulled a muscle in his groin because he kicked too hard while filming (yikes), and the actor also spoke a bit about his on-set injuries:

    “When you’re in the midst of fights your adrenaline’s so pumped you don’t think about what you’re doing to your body until you wake up the next day and think, ‘Fucking hell!’ It comes with the territory. If you’re doing two or three fights per week for six months you’re going to get some injuries.”

    Season one of Iron Fist punches its way onto Netflix starting March 17, 2017. Are you looking forward to it?

    New IRON FIST Photo: Danny Rand Blocks a Knife AttackNew IRON FIST Photo: Danny Rand Blocks a Knife Attack

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    If you've lost all hope that you will get a Nintendo Switch at launch without pre-ordering, there's still a slight sliver of a chance that you will be able to get one! It's being reported that Target and Best Buy will both be stocking very limited consoles that they have not made more on GameTyrant


    It's Still Possible to Get a Nintendo Switch at Launch Without a Pre-OrderIt's Still Possible to Get a Nintendo Switch at Launch Without a Pre-Order

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